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We are made up of mind, body and soul. Many times when people hurt thier bodies, they seek a doctor to treat their physical injury. They seek a professional for any mental conditions of the mind. But just as important, is the treatment of the soul which is an intricate part of the three. We wish to give individuals a safe place of rest to talk about the issues closest to thier hearts. It is our goal to do so without fear or judgement, while providing love and a genuine care from a Biblical perspective.





Strengthening Families Biblically

Introducing people to Christ through Salvation

Teaching Discipleship

Excercising Faith

Building Relationships

Victory in Individuals Lives

Counseling in areas regarding:

  •  Biblical Marriage
  •  Relationships
  •  Biblical Pre Marriage
  •  Youth
  •  Seniors
  •  Personal Struggles

If you have questions about our services?

Contact us at (309) 346-3215 or via our contact form.



Sunday Morning

11:00 am



Faith & Family Film (TBA)



Wednesday Night

Cross-Training Class

"Exercise your Faith"

7:00 pm

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